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Cyber Craft Texture Pack (1.19, 1.18) is a 3D Resource Pack from Black Plasma Studios, World Apart Series, yeah you might know that, are you fan of it? Are you wanna that sword added to your game? Then this pack is perfect for you! There are a lot of changes to the tools it self such as Sword, Pickaxe, Armor, Trident, Shield, and more! Intresting? Try it now!


Basic Info:

There are 5 Elements of the Tools and they are glow and animated. Some of this picture may slightly defrent due to updates.

  • 1. Rusty: This Tools is a old rusty from all of the tools, its left abonded tools thats why they rusty but still useable, its replace Wooden Tools.
  • 2. Droug: This Tools is from the enemy from the series it’s self its sparks, its replace Stone Tools.
  • 3. Myhtical: This purple Tools is a part of the myth tools your ever seen, this tools are not in the Series but i’m added it anyway, its replace Iron Tools.
  • 4. Drone: This Green Tools is a part of Drone enemy even tho it’s not on the series of World Apart but im adding it anyway to fills up this empty tools, its replace Gold Tools.
  • 5. Plasma: Oh yeah eveyone know it right? this Blue Laser sword from World Apart, its replace Diamond Tools.
  • 6. Magma: The Nether side of the sword this is just another adding to the game to fills up the empty tools, its replace Netherite Tools.

Cyber Assets:

  • Solar Shield, Cyber Trident, Cyber Crossbow [2], Spyglass, Cyber Elytra, Cyber Shears.


  • Cyber Shuriken, Mythical Fireball, ION Explosive, Small ION Explosive, Teleporter Energy, Cyber Dagger, Signers.


  • Drones block replace Gold
  • Myhtical block replace Iron


  • Drone Ingots replace Gold Ingots
  • Drone Nuggets replace Gold Nuggets
  • Mythical Ingots replace Iron Ingots replace
  • Mythical Nuggets replace Iron Nuggets

Cyber Craft Visual:

Cyber Craft Settings

You can turn off/on the block and item texture, the list in the picture above.

Solar Shield, Cyber Trident, Cyber Crossbow, Spyglass, Cyber Elytra, Cyber Shears, Cyber Staffs, Cyber Hook, Re-Life.

Cyber Shuriken, Mythical Fireball, ION Explosive, Small ION Explosive, Teleporter Energy, Cyber Dagger, Signers.

This is Re-Life [Totem of undying], once you’re use it on your hand it will start animate.

Cyber Wings Animation:

Main Tools Visual:

Spyglass Zoom:


Cyber Craft Texture Pack (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For MCPE/Bedrock Edition 1.19, 1.18

16x, 32x, 64x (v1.13.4): Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

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