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Survival Helicopters Add-on (1.18) adds a helicopter that you can drive which has 7 variants, it also adds a cargo helicopter, and in this latest version 2 new helicopters were added: the apache and the chinook.


Cargo helicopter:

It is a helicopter for two passengers, which can transport any type of mob. you can charge the mob by approaching them while driving the helicopter, and to drop them just get off the helicopter.

Apache helicopter:

It is a two-passenger helicopter equipped with a machine gun that will fire at the nearest ostile mobs.

It is a little faster when flying than the other helicopters, you can also put 3 camouflaged on it, this before taming the helicopter, since this helicopter needs to be tamed before you can fly in it.

(Be careful: make sure when attacking a mob you are always on top of them as the chopper can accidentally shoot at you and kill you, although I have put a regeneration potion effect when you get on the chopper to prevent damage.)

Chinook helicopter:

It is a helicopter with capacity for 18 passengers.

In which you can transport the villagers.

as? *In order for the villagers to board the helicopter, you must have an item called “Load Villagers” in your hand and press “cargar”.

*and to get them off the helicopter you have to have in your hand an item called “unload villagers” and “descargar” and they will get off the helicopter.

This helicopter only has 3 variants: gray, yellow and green.

How to use:

How can I change the color of my helicopter?

You just have to bend down with the spray in your hand and the PAINT button should appear

If you don’t have the spray in hand then you can access the helicopter inventory.

How to handle the helicopter?

1. You must advance
2. Look up to go up and look down to go down.

How to open helicopter inventory?

“does not work properly on some devices.”

Crouch down and then you should see “open” and voila you can store your stuff in the chest of the helicopter.

Crafting Recipes:


Survival Helicopters Add-on (1.18) Download Links:

For MCPE 1.18

Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

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