Once again, with Minecraft 1.19 update, the world of Minecraft is more dangerous than ever before. It holds fresh dangers in the form of the newly added Ancient Cities, new structures, and a scary mob called Warden. And the perfect way to get on with all these adventures is with the best Minecraft 1.19 survival seeds. So to see the changes in full glory, I’ve listed out Top 6 Best Seeds in Survival Minecraft 1.19.4, 1.19.2. There’s something for everybody. You’ll find seeds with breathtaking views and some with a unique world generation.

All of the seeds follow the Minecraft parity and work on both Java and Bedrock editions in the same way. However, you will also find a few exclusive features and seeds on the list. If that’s the case for a specific seed, you will find the edition information in its description. Having said that, let’s dive in.

Seed 1: 1407374891553315

  • Small Village at Spawn, in a Meadow Plains junction.
  • 5 Villages within 600 blocks Plus an Ice Spikes right next door.

Seed 2: 562949972421380

  • Spawn right in the village. 3 other villages within about 500 blocks.
  • Right by a cold ocean lake

Seed 3: 562949982421396

  • Spawn at the base of a meadow mountain in a village with a beautiful Plains on a large lake.
  • Pillager Tower right next door and stunning Frozen Peaks less than 200 blocks away.
  • MASSIVE mushroom Island about 1500 blocks west. HUGE!

Seed 4: 1125899949842857

  • Spawn in a village at the base of a BIG meadow Mountain Range with a Massive opening to a huge dripstone cave right next to it.Another village at the top of the meadow PLUS Enormous Snowy Plains 200 blocks West

Seed 5: 281475045711178

  • Spawn in an Haunted Village with a Broken Portal right at its edge.
  • Large plains runs into a meadow next door and then to a Snowy and Frozen Peaks biome.
  • On thje shore of a HUGE Deep Ocean Biome Lake. Pillager tower just across a winding river.

Seed 6: 74000671
Spawn in the centre of the village in the Meadow at the base of a Jagged Peaks Biome. A winding river
runs alongside and down the valley. There is a BIG desert biome to the west with 8 Villages, plus 3 more villages
North of Spawn 400-800 blocks. Strongholds directly West and SE 1500 blocks

How to install:

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