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Tower Defense Units Mod (1.18.2, 1.18.1) adds units as new ways of protecting your base against threats. These units all have their own unique traits and ways to be strategized.

By feeding a unit a Diamond Block, you can use the unit’s ultimate power (useful if you’re under attack by an invasion of mobs; the ultimate power is best used as a “last resort” against hostile mobs)



  • The most basic unit in Tower Defense Units, the Turret simply shoots arrows at hostile mobs.
  • Ultimate Power: Shoots 2000 arrows into the sky, raining back down and hitting any nearby mobs.
  • To craft them, you need a dispenser, wooden fence of any kind, and smooth stone slab.

Sniping Turret:

  • An upgrade of the Turret. Can snipe hostile mobs from up to 60 blocks away.
  • Ultimate Power: Shoots out a huge arrow that one-shots any non-boss hostile mob.
  • To craft them, you need a turret and a crossbow.


  • A defensive unit which forces any nearby hostile mobs to attack it, ignoring all other targets. Can block attacks if given a shield, which is done so by sneak-right-clicking on one with a shield in hand.

Ultimate Power:

  • Creates a forcefield around itself that repels all monsters. Inside of the forcefield, all non-monster entities are given resistance and absorption 200, making them essentially immune to all damage until the forcefield is destroyed. Forcefields have an HP of 2000, which each time a mob is repelled will decrease based on how much health the mob has.
  • To craft them, you need a dispenser, wooden fence of any kind, smooth stone slab, and a wooden sign.


  • A unit that flings dynamite at hostile mobs, dealing splash damage to them.
  • Ultimate Power: Shoots a bunch of TNT into the air onto any nearby monster. The TNT deals 30 explosion damage to the mob and any nearby hostile mobs.
  • To craft them, you need a smooth stone slab, redstone block, 2 sticky pistons, chest, and TNT.


  • A unit which summons friendly undead mobs to help fight for you. They spawn mobs at an extremely rare rate per tick so place down a bunch of them. This unit is nocturnal; only works at night.
  • If you sneak-right-click the Doom-Tomb with a Totem of Undying, you can power up the Doom-Tomb, giving it the ability to summon mage undeads which can use electric and fire magic.

Ultimate Power:

  • Calls all other Doom-Tombs to immediately spawn an undead, before summoning a Reinforced Giant. Reinforced Giants are extremely tough friendly undeads that can jump into the air, sending a shockwave that flings any nearby hostile mobs.
  • Reinforced Mobs (with the exception of the Reinforced Giant) do not stay forever; if a Reinforced Mob stays alive for over 60 seconds, it’ll instantly die and be dragged back underground.
  • To craft them, you need 3 coarse dirt, 3 bones and 1 skeleton skull.



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